What is the Piranha Stone Biter?

Piranha Stone Biter is a completely new and original way for the professional stone craftsman to accomplish his work faster, more accurately, and with less effort.  

For thousands of years, mankind has worked with stone to build and create. Throughout history, masons and stoneworkers around the world have relied on an old-fashioned hammer and chisel to cut and shape raw stone into a desired shapes and size. Although nowadays, we have pneumatic air hammers and chisels to make this work easier, they aren't anything more than a machine-driven version of the tools we have always used. 

Professional stone craftsman and inventor Chris Cross thought there had to be a more efficient way to cut stone. He envisioned a tool with a set of "jaws" capable of biting through even the thickest architectural stone. It would be portable so it could be operated right at the job site.

Having worked as a stone craftsman for over 20 years, Chris knew such a tool would save him, and folks like him, a huge amount of time. So, he set out to create it. 

Taking inspiration from the mechanics of incredible biting power of the Piranha fish in the Amazon rainforest, Chris developed a machine which translates the expansion of a hydraulic cylinder into two opposing hardened-steel blades

After numerous design revisions, Chris settled on a design which successfully realized his vision and in named it in honor of it's Amazonian inspiration, the Piranha Stone Biter

The ingeniously simple design of the Piranha Stone Biter allows the machine to deliver up to ten tons of biting power into any stone placed within it's hardened-steel jaws. Powered by an air-activated hydraulic cylinder, the Piranha Stone Biter is fast, portable, accurate, and delivers consistently great results, easily achieving a highly sought-after natural "chiseled" edge.

Piranha Stone Biter will save you a massive amount of time when cutting virtually any type of stone: granite, quartz, marble, bricks, slate, & more. Most importantly, Piranha Stone Biter will help you earn faster, which means you can do more work in the same amount of time. In fact, most Piranha Stone Biter owners quickly recoup their investment in as little as a few months

Piranha Stone Biter is proudly made in Denver, Colorado. It's available with four different jaw sizes and delivers up to ten tons of biting power. 

Find out more about investing in a Piranha Stone Biter for your stone business today!